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Oubre "Se seco el arroyito"

Oubre "Se secó el arroyito"


Oubre "Se secó el arroyito" Compay Segundo is one of the most significant exponents of Cuban and Caribbean popular music. There is a marked interest in the countries of Europe and America, towards his figure. The public wants to know everything about Compay: his life and the origin of his songs.

"Se secó el arroyito" is a play written by this music teacher, based on one of the themes that gives it a title. It premiered at the National Theater of Cuba in 2001 and became one of the theatrical events most successful of the last decades in Havana.

To the public's satisfaction, Compay made a version of the comic book. It also makes it possible to highlight scenes that are not possible in the theatrical version, as well as show the figure of Compay as a narrator. The full color pages give a more attractive nuance to the work.

The treatment of color, the locations in the fields of Cuba where Compay Segundo was born (characterized by its warm lighting and vegetation) endows the comic with a certain exoticism, very typical of the personality of Compay


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