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Just A Gigoló


Soy solo un gigoló
Más tengo que cambiar
Ya sabes a que me dedico
Me pagan por bailar
Me pagan por saciar
Caprichos muy diversos

Now there will come a day
Youth will pass away
And what will they say
About me

When the end comes J know
There was just another gigolo
And life goes on without me


You can contact us through phone call and email or you can go to our facilities

Contact information

  • Calle 22 No.103 entre 1ra. y 3ra. Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba.
  • Cuba: (537) 202-5922,(537) 205-1602 / Europa: +33619535250
  •, contacto Europa Joke & Buzz :

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