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Life and work of Compay Segundo on screen in animated productions

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Life and work of Compay Segundo on screen in animated productions

The Latino Institute of Music (ILM) today prepares the production of an animated film and series based on the life and work of the legendary Cuban musician Francisco Repilado, known worldwide as Compay Segundo.

ILM Kids Studios – with offices in Mexico and Argentina – will be the house responsible for producing both deliveries in three-dimensional format, a joint initiative of Salvador Repilado, son of Compay Segundo, and the president of the Institute, Daniel Martín. According to Martín, the film will arrive on the big screen as part of the poster of several of the most prestigious film festivals in 2021, coinciding with the 114 years of the birth of the Cuban artist and the centenary of the ILM.

For its part, the series will collect in five chapters the most important moments of the life of Compay Segundo, from his childhood in his native Santiago de Cuba, to his intense musical career by integrating the list of groups such as Los Compadres and the all star Buena Social Club view.

The last two chapters will be dedicated one to the stay of Repilado in Buena Vista, project of which he was one of the founders along with legends such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén Hernández, Eliades Ochoa and Omara Portuondo, and the other to his legacy.

The series will be conducted by Tito, the main character of the production Tito rearea, a creation of the ILM that pays tribute to great exponents of Cuban culture such as Leo Brouwer, Chucho Valdés, Alicia Alonso and Benny Moré, among others.


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