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Successful tour of the Compay Segundo Group in Europe and Asia

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Successful tour of the Compay Segundo Group in Europe and Asia


In its journey through Europe and Asia during the months of November and January, the Compay Segundo group conquered stages and the admiration of a large part of the Eurasian public, faithful followers of the music of the composer of Chan Chan.

To the rhythm of classics such as Guantanamera and Negra Tomasa, hundreds of spectators enjoyed the first concert of the Compay Segundo group in Hanoi, Vietnam, on November 28.

The Compay Segundo group gave a second chance to their music lovers in this country, offering a magnificent show at the Army Theater in Ho Chi Minh City two days later. Also, he returned to French stages, this time in Montreuil and Renne-Brequigny, where the admiration and taste for this group was perceptible, which becomes a symbol of traditional Cuban music.

This Friday, December 6, the group will perform at the Noumea Jazz Festival in New Caledonia. Speaking to Radio Noumea, Haskell Armenteros described as "privilege" the satisfaction of participating with his group in this event, for the first time in that country.

The tour will conclude with a concert in Saumur, France on December 13 of this year. If a balance has this tour, it is the success of having conquered the largest city in Vietnam and having captivated the public again in other settings.


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