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Máximo Francisco Repilado Muñóz was born on November 18, 1907 in Siboney, province of Santiago de Cuba, cradle of the troubadour song and son. Son of a peasant family without a musical background.

“... I was a child like everyone in the country, as I was born on the beach, my toys were crabs, I picked them up, tied them up, then I put them a layman behind them and dragged them like horses, those were my toys ... ”

In 1916 the family moved to the nearby city of Santiago de Cuba. It begins in the trades of tobacco and barber.

“... I started to learn my trade, I went to school little, because before the boys had to help the house. So since I liked the tobacco shop very much, and in front of my house there was one, I went there to learn ... ”

His first artistic emotion was at age seven, one afternoon in 1914, when he saw a man with a guitar in his hand get off the train in front of his house. The singer was Sindo Garay


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